7 tips to help you stand out from the crowd
By Sandy Weiner
Chief Love Officer @ Last First Date, LLC

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If you want your inbox to go from pathetic to full of promise, treat your dating profile like an ad. You'll stand out from the competition. As a dating coach and online dating profile writer, I know these techniques work. Apply them and you could go from being one of many to being the “one”.

1. Target, target, target. Don't cast a wide net and try to attract everyone. Instead, craft your profile to attract precisely the kind of man/woman you think would be a good match. Describe who you are and what you want very clearly. Focus on values, and be specific. In addition, make sure to talk to your matchmaker so they get to know how great you are. The more they know about you, the better the match will be. Targeting is a technique used by all good advertisers concerned with efficiency and results.

2. Look appealing. Most important tip on photos: your main photo should be a close-up of you smiling and alone (no kids, exes, friends). No alcoholic beverages in hand. Dress appropriately (covering your body leaves some mystery, and that goes for men and women). For your second photo, use a full body shot. For other pix, get more creative. Do you want a partner who loves the outdoors? Post a photo of yourself taken in a beautiful outdoor setting. Love to bike or scuba dive? Photograph yourself in action. Consider hiring a photographer for a photo shoot. This will be money well spent.

3. Write a compelling message. Great ads have powerful messages. Apply an attention-grabber to the first line of your profile. You don't have to be clever, but do say something that gives your target a reason to read on. Don’t begin with, “It’s uncomfortable for me to write about myself.” Most people find it awkward to sing their own praises. Whatever it is, make it engaging.

4. Craft a real message. All advertising – including your own – needs substance. You can be clever and charming all you want, but be sure every word speaks volumes about you. I read a profile by a woman who compared her life to the summer breaks she had as a kid. The metaphor was clever. It also described her happiness and creativity. It had depth and meaning.

5. Promote your benefits. Brands passionately and persuasively advertise what makes them better than the competition. Your profile has to do the same. What makes you special and unique? What have you worked hard at in your life? How would someone's life improve with you in it? What sets you apart? Promote yourself!

6. Stay fresh. A good brand stays contemporary and never looks tired. This is also important in online dating. It's smart to stay on a site for months (or years) at a time until you find the right one. You never know who’s going to join tomorrow! But, stay fresh, change your photo and update your profile regularly. A profile on a site, like a product on a shelf, needs to be dusted off every once in awhile. This will garner much added attention.

7. Proofread! Most ads are checked for spelling and grammar. Your profile should be, too. Spelling mistakes are like walking out with a stain on your clothes. No one notices the clothes, just the stain. So make sure your profile is not marred by typos and poor grammar.

I hope those tips help you improve your profile and attract the right person to your inbox!

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