#2009 Kate Hay (Mount Vernon, New York)
& Steve Salit (Highland Park , New Jersey)

סיפור הצלחה

I must say that the biggest challenge was taking the first step and registering. After all, I was 66 years old and didn’t want to settle for someone just for companionship. I was Married to a wonderful woman for over 45 years. If I were to once again get married, I was looking for a real marriage in every sense of the word Kate was recommended to me by her shadchan, who reached out to me. I got many other recommendations, but once we accepted each other’s matches and I spoke to Kate on the phone, I had a really good feeling about her. We did FaceTime as our first conversation, and that impressed me as she had nothing to hide. I found her to be beautiful looking and a nice person. I was able to be myself with her and she with me. Both of us lost our spouses , mine in 2020 and hers in 2018, and we were , Baruch HaShem, able to recover from these tragedies and go on living. We are so grateful to Emunah Sohn and to SYAS for bringing us together.