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Press Releases » SawYouAtSinai Hosts Chanukah Party in Jerusalem

New York, NY, January 20th, 2006 – On Thursday, December 29, SawYouAtSinai hosted a Chanukah Party in Jerusalem. Nearly one hundred singles, ages 18-35, from a variety of backgrounds attended the event. While most were residents of Israel, there were many singles visiting Israel who attended the event as well.

One participant of the event was not a member of the site at the time of event. Due to the encouragement of a SawYouAtSinai matchmaker, she joined the site after the event, was set up through the site, and engaged three weeks later!

On the night of the event, explains Weiss, there were two weddings. Singles had such excellent experiences with SawYouAtSinai events in the past that even though they had prior engagements, they made sure to come after. Weiss adds that the event was organized in a dignified way. It was created with the singles in mind, establishing a warm, comfortable environment, making it easy for singles to meet.

“A lot of people came in from out of town,” explains Jonny Goldstein, the coordinator of the event and SYAS matchmaker. “The variety of the singles really contributed to the event because it allowed people who would not otherwise cross paths to form a connection.”

Several matchmakers attended the event as well. The matchmakers were critical to the event because they eliminated barriers and relieved pressure. Instead of just meeting two or three people, singles met matchmakers who can help them longer term.

It was vital for the matchmakers to be there so that they can get to know singles more personally, so that it will be easier for them to set them up. Matchmakers were able to get to know the people, and get a better feel for their personalities. Weiss says that the matchmakers also played a vital role in facilitating singles who did not feel comfortable just walking up to someone to start a conversation. The singles were able to come up to the matchmaker, who would do the introducing. It provided singles with another way to meet people.

“I like that I got to meet the matchmakers,” says Batya Cooper, a member of the site, who attended the event. “I have been in contact with matchmakers through the site for so long, and now, I got to meet them in person. After the event, I was called up by a matchmaker who wanted to set me up and have been in touch ever since.”

On the other side of the coin, several matchmakers received phone calls from singles following the event. There was a great deal of follow-up on the end of matchmakers, as well as the singles.

A magician also came to add to atmosphere of the event. Between various tricks and juggling, the singles were able to meet while enjoying themselves. “He was not working for them,” states Weiss, “but working with them.”

The event was hosted at the home of Barry and Debra Eisenberg, who were focusing on constantly providing additional space and delicious refreshments for the singles that came in throughout the night in order to contribute to that relaxed mood that made the event successful. Guests had leisurely space, and the environment was so warm that they felt as if they were walking into a friend’s house.

“I would absolutely have an event like this again,” Goldstein says. “The entertainment provided a pressure-free environment, increasing the potential for singles to meet.”

About SawYouAtSinai

SawYouAtSinai was created in December 2003 to satisfy the need for a more private and personalized approach to online Jewish dating. This Rabbinic-endorsed site uniquely combines the power of technology, the accessibility of the internet, and the personal touch of a matchmaker to serve its 13000 members. SawYouAtSinai has over 300 experienced matchmakers from diverse backgrounds, focusing on its members’ various age ranges, religious levels, locations and personalities. With 190 members successfully matched, SawYouAtSinai continues to benefit Conservative, Modern Orthodox and Yeshivish/Black Hat singles from Jewish communities throughout the world.