#1839 Sarah Deneroff (Silver Spring, Maryland)
& David Zalkin (Denver, Colorado)

Success Story

From my first conversation with David, I could tell there was something special about him that was different than any other person I have dated before. Throughout our time dating, I continued to see what a kind, compassionate, person he is and realized that he is the true definition of my soul mate. I am truly grateful for SawYouAtSinai and especially Adena who was truly there for us throughout the process with her patience, guidance and encouragement. Thank you! Kol Tuv, Sarah Thank you! My partner is truly my besheret- I feel very blessed to have found someone who appreciates and brings out the best in me, and am grateful for the wonderful work SYAS and our shadchan Adena Hefter did to bring us together. Sincerely, David