#1518 Devorah Ritterman (Brooklyn, New York)
& Michael Mirsky (Boca Raton, Florida)

Success Story

Hi thank you! I am very grateful to your team and for what they have done for me and my chosson! What you are doing is so amazing! I would like to actually tell over the story a bit as my friends and family cannot get over how it all happened, and I definitely believe the story can inspire others to go for it when they feel something! It was around Chanukah that I was feeling very down. I had gone out with a couple of guys that just didn't suit me, and I was starting to feel a bit worn out. It was during that time that a friend who had actually met her own match Through Saw You At Sinai had recommended it to me and told me to give it a try. I wasn't really into the "Whole dating website" kind of thing but something told me I should give it a try. Within a week of signing up my chosson popped up on the screen. I remember thinking "How on earth was this going to work out if we lived in two different states? Dating would be a nightmare." However something told me to take a leap of faith....And as the story goes next thing I knew we were flying back and forth to each other and long before I knew it-we were engaged. I can't imagine what would have been if I let distance come between the match. What I learned is, sometimes you have that small voice in your head saying "Just do it!" flying back and forth to date felt totally out of my comfort zone, but at the end of the day look where it got me. Another thing I recognized is that, in life when you want something-you need to pursue it! I saw that it was four days and there was no response so I reached out to the shadchan. From previous experience, I know how it feels to feel rejected or let down and many singles can feel that way if they don't receive a response from a boy right away on the website. My take on it is, don't be too quick to make assumptions. In retrospect I realized that I used to question my worthiness of finding a match? (After numerous let downs). However , I just got that feeling "Not this time." And had I not pursued that idea,I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. Sometimes we can surprise ourselves in ways we never thought we would--and those end up being the best things in our lives. I also want to take the opportunity to openly express my appreciation to shadchan Giti Rothschild, it's not easy setting up two different people, but her guidance, intuition, warmth, and endless devotion has made the journey all the more easier. What I discovered that makes a great shadchan is that she was there if we wanted talk. As a single, sometimes having a shadchan who is constantly hovering over the couple can be really overwhelming as then there's this feeling of unnecessary pressure. With Giti we never felt that way,as she stepped back and gave us room to grow in the relationship but still checked in and offered her advice and guidance when approached. Thank you Giti! And to the entire SYAS TEAM! Keep building lives one match at a time!