#66 Ilana Lew (Brooklyn, New York)
& Danny Masri (Brooklyn, New York)

Success Story

When Ilana came back to New York from school in Boston, she had lost most of her connections and networks. One day, someone mentioned to her that she should sign up to the site, but Ilana scoffed at the idea, thinking she would never do that. “I was skeptical about online dating,” she said. “I did not want everyone out there to know I was dating online—it did not seem discreet.” But a few weeks later, Ilana changed her mind. She wanted to start dating and she decided to sign up because it offered her the network of dating that she needed, as well as the privacy and classiness that was important to her. Ilana had only been on the site for one month, and had only gone out with one other date from the site, when she was sent the profile of Daniel. At first, the profile did not seem an exact match to what she was looking for so she sent his profile to her best friend for a second opinion. Her friend thought she should go out with him. The next day, however, Ilana decided to accept Daniel, thinking, “Why not just give it a try?” There were many good things about his profile that appealed to Ilana, including the fact that he was “down to earth, open minded, a chilled out personality, mature, funny, intelligent and very attractive.” She thought to herself, “You never know.” So, the first date arrived, and guess what? “It was amazing,” says Ilana. She knew right away that this was a good thing and that something positive was going to come of it. On the date, Ilana and Daniel went out to dinner for wraps and just sat they talking for hours and hours. Ilana was so impressed with Daniel and felt comfortable straight away. After the date, Ilana emailed that same friend with the subject line “I Like Him!!!” Her friend knew there was something special about this guy. The very next day Daniel called Ilana and the two proceeded to go out. The matchmaker just so constructive at the start and resolved any issues I had. After a while we didn’t feel that we needed as much input so just sent updates. Four months later Ilana and Danny were engaged. The wedding is planned for February, and Ilana says (after her initial skepticism) “It will make for an interesting story to tell our kids”