#1931 Rebecca Gerewitz (Brooklyn, New York)
& Elliot Levy (Newtown, Pennsylvania)

Success Story

What I found most impressive about my experience was how prompt responses from potential matches could be. Where other sites I'd tried could see weeks go by with a single response from a list of matches, with SYAS I would sometimes receive more potential matches in a couple of days than I could get through in a week, and responses were always quick. No waiting to see if someone would ever reply. The use of deadlines with each match makes all the difference. A little bit about our story- We met and became close friends in NCSY during high school, but lost touch with each other during college. Over a decade later, we reconnected thanks to Rebecca Newhouse and things just took off from there. It's been a crazy year overall, but we got through it together and are now happily engaged. We are so thankful to Rebecca and SYAS for helping us to find one another once again!!