#1160 Jenny Charnetskaya (BROOKLYN, New York)
& Mark Eckstein (Manhattan, New York)

Success Story

Jenny: He texted me to ask me out for our first date.. and to put it mildly was mad. What kind of guy texts for a date? But, I figured worse comes to worse I'll only have to see him once.. So, I decided to go. Little did I know it was going to be the worst blizzard of 2013 that night, and I had mascara running down my eyes because of the heavy snow. When I arrived He sat there at the Starbucks reading a thick book on Benjamin Franklin and the adventure began. One date led to another, and another. Before we realized it, the person I expected only to see once ended up being the man I'm about to marry. Also, we will definitely express gratitude to our matchmaker Sincerely, Mark and Jenny