Things you might consider bringing up

Sleeping items:

·       Extra blankets or sleeping bags (sheets, pillow and one blanket provided, it gets COLD at night!)

·       Towels for pool and shower, a bath robe


·       Bathing Suit

·       Shoes

·       Flip Flops

·       Blankets for sitting on the ground outside

·       Rain-gear (though we hope that is does not rain)

·       Clothing for sports (it will be hot during the day)

·       Shabbos attire

·       Sneakers

·       Sweatshirts—it gets COLD at night

·       Guys – Talit and Tiffilen

Sports Equipment:

·       Tennis racquet

·       Baseball glove

·       Rollerblades


·       Bug spray

·       Benedryl

·       Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sunscreen)

·       Space Heaters

***There is No Safe so please do not bring up expensive jewelry or other valuables.

 * **Please note: This list is a reminder list and not a complete list of things to bring.