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December 29th, 2016

Press Releases » Bar mitzvah celebration for SawYouAtSinai

In December 2003, the world of shidduchim (Jewish matchmaking) changed for the better.  SawYouAtSinai, the online Jewish matchmaking network, was launched, and has since successfully matched an impressive 2,700+ of its members. This month it celebrates its bar mitzvah anniversary.

SawYouAtSinai’s co-founder Azi Cutter remarks, “It’s hard to believe that 13 years ago, Marc Goldmann and I met at Starbucks and shared with each other our passions for changing the way people dated online, and specifically, how matchmakers communicated with both each other and the singles.”

Tova Weinberg, SawYouAtSinai’s first matchmaker, recalls a phone call where Marc proposed the idea of the site. “Sign me up yesterday! I feel overrun by all these singles coming to me and I need a system” she responded. She now has hundreds of matches to her credit.

As a result of that Starbucks conversation, and years of effort on behalf of their 350+ volunteer matchmakers, there are now thousands of children around the world who can call themselves SawYouAtSinai babies.  Since its first engagement in 2005, on average, a member has gotten engaged every 1.25 days and the site’s success continues to increase exponentially.

Michelle Michal Chava Lipp never thought online dating was for her and was convinced all the “success stories” were made up.  That opinion quickly changed when she joined SawYouAtSinai simply to prove to her friends that she was right. Michelle signed up on January 1, 2013 and met her husband sixteen days later.

The SawYouAtSinai process is very simple and efficient from a member’s perspective.  They fill out an online profile, containing questions about their personality, background, education and match criteria, and then select two matchmakers to work on their behalf to find them a match.  Matchmakers network together and search the extensive worldwide database for the most compatible matches.  The matchmakers have uniquely developed match technology at their fingertips, but add the personalized touch to the process.  The matchmakers have phone consultations with their members, give support and dating advice throughout…“ are dedicated and caring, take time to speak with, advise and search for matches, just for the simple reward of helping others,” says member Shari Gomberg. 

SawYouAtSinai has been receiving mazel tovs on its bar mitzvah anniversary from its members, matchmakers and from communities around the world, all of whom are thankful for such an effective matchmaking system.  Video encouragement from World famous singers Gad Elbaz and Nissim Black are also displayed on its Facebook page. 


Company Background
SawYouAtSinai was created in December 2003 to satisfy the need for a more private and personalized approach to online Jewish dating. With over 2,700 members successfully married, SawYouAtSinai benefits Traditional, Conservative, Yeshivish and Modern Orthodox Jewish singles from Jewish communities throughout the world. The service uniquely combines the power of technology, the accessibility of the internet and smartphone, and the personal touch of a matchmaker to serve its 30,000 members.