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Marc Goldmann, CEO

Press Releases » Matchmaking Network SawYouAtSinai Continues Expansion and Introduces a Minimal Membership Fee

New York, NY, September 15th, 2004 – The online matchmaking network SawYouAtSinai ( which began running in November of 2003 and already has 11 matches to its credit, today announced the implementation of a membership fee to cover costs.

"We delayed introducing a fee for as long as possible,” said CEO Marc Goldmann, “We initially wanted to offer a service that was extremely helpful, unique and valuable to our members. Since there are significant expenses for us to deliver such a service, we needed to begin covering costs to maintain the site; we are only asking for a minimal payment of between $5.95 and $11.95 per month depending on the type of membership selected."

The Rabbinic-endorsed network operates by having experienced matchmakers act as personal agents to singles, seeking ultimate life partners for them.

“The network aims to reconnect those that are meant to be together as their souls were at Mount Sinai,” Goldmann went on to explain, referencing a commentary on ancient Jewish scripture.

SawYouAtSinai introduced the nominal charge to new members and advised existing members that in the coming weeks they too should upgrade to paid membership for continued quality service.

The administration requires matchmakers to provide two references that can attest to their matchmaking background and also screens singles upon application. They ask that each matchmaker conducts their own screening by having an initial phone conversation with every new member they accept into their personal matchmaking network. Members keep personal information private so it is only viewed by the matchmaker(s) they have chosen to work with and potential matches carefully pre-selected by the matchmaker. Members can choose up to 2 matchmakers to work closely with out of over 100 experienced & savvy professionals.

About SawYouAtSinai

SawYouAtSinai is the brainchild of Marc Goldmann, a 35 year old management consultant and entrepreneur who saw the need for a more private and screened approach to online dating in the Jewish community. The Rabbinic-endorsed Jewish matchmaking site is the only one that allows Conservative, Conservadox, Modern Orthodox and Yeshivish/ Black Hat singles to select a matchmaker as their own personal agent to finding the right match. operates on a highly specialized platform for determining compatibility of members through a combination of personal input from the matchmaker, matching criteria put into the system by members, and comprehensive information about the potential match. Since it began running in November of 2003, the site has accrued over 5,500 members, 130 matchmakers and has 11 engagements and 3 marriages to its credit.