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New York, NY – May 21st 2015

Press Releases » Jewish dating site SawYouAtSinai launches new Mobile Platform

On May 21 2015, SawYouAtSinai (SYAS), the popular Jewish matchmaking website, unveiled an exciting new update. The SYAS team has created a mobile platform for their successful website. For the first time, member of SYAS will be able to consider matches and stay in touch with their matchmakers wherever they may go because SYAS can now be used effectively from a smartphone. This innovation will improve the speed simplicity, and capabilities of modern Jewish matchmaking.

“The new SYAS mobile platform represents a new era for matchmaking in general,” said Marc Goldmann, founder of SawYouAtSinai, proudly. Despite other dating websites existing in a format compatible with mobile devices, SawYouAtSinai has real, human matchmakers helping the users find their true love. The matchmakers (traditionally known as shadchanim) are dedicated, experienced and well-connected members of Jewish communities around the world. These matchmakers phone the singles, and really get to know each person’s personality and background. This enables them to successfully suggest matches between different members of the website. When the suggested matches mutually approve one another, the matchmakers are available to then guide them through the dating process by keeping in touch, giving advice and answering questions.

With over 2,300 members of SawYouAtSinai successfully married through the service, the creators hope that combining the convenience of the mobile platform with the caring touch of the SYAS matchmakers, will result in even more happy couples.

“With the mobile version of the site, singles will be able to communicate with each other and their matchmakers more quickly and easily than ever before,” Marc Goldmann stated. The singles using the SYAS mobile platform will be able to accept matches with greater ease from their phone, making the dating process even more efficient and accessible. The SYAS mobile platform also brings the matchmaker and the matches into a closer relationship. Marc Goldmann says that in this new platform “an easy to use interface has been set up for members, which allows them to view emails that matchmakers have sent them and quickly respond to any questions from a matchmaker.” This email system gives matchmakers the ability to keep in close contact with their clients. If a member has an important question about dating, or the matchmaker wants to know more information about a member, the new email system will allow them to contact each other no matter where they are located. These tighter connections between the members and their matchmakers will enable SYAS to produce even more matches in a more convenient format.

SYAS is already working on additional functionality, including allowing mutually approved matches to communicate with each other instantaneously, making the planning of dating much easier. Other features which are planned for future releases include viewing and editing one’s profile, and requesting references. SYAS hopes to introduce all the functions of SYAS to the mobile platform in the near future.

In addition to the SawYouAtSinai mobile platform, the SYAS team is launching a brand new app for the Jewish dating world. The app, called JBolt, gives Jewish singles a more active part of the selection process. It allows the users to choose from a certain number of “Bolts” (match suggestions) automatically sent to the user each day. Members can swipe left or right depending on whether they are interested, and matchmakers then review all the mutually approved matches to ensure nobody wastes their time, money, or efforts. The app gives JEwish singles the ability to review profiles throughout the day, whether on their way to work, on their lunch break or sitting on their sofa.

With SawYouAtSinai’s mobile platform and the JBolt app launch, Jewish matchmaking is now more accessible, convenient and effective than ever before.

Summary: SawYouAtSinai, the popular Jewish dating website, released a mobile platform for their website on May 21st 2015. This platform allows Jewish singles to accept and decline matches and contact their matchmaker straight from their smartphone. This mobile platform will make the matchmaking process quicker and more efficient.

About SawYouAtSinai
SawYouAtSinai was created in December 2003 to satisfy the need for a more private and personalized approach to online Jewish dating. With over 2,300 members successfully married, SawYouAtSinai benefits Traditional, Conservative, Yeshivish and Modern Orthodox Jewish singles from Jewish communities throughout the world. The service uniquely combines the power of technology, the accessibility of the internet and smartphone, and the personal touch of a matchmaker to serve its 30,000 members. SawYouAtSinai has over 350 experienced matchmakers from diverse backgrounds, focusing on its members’ various age ranges, religious levels, locations and personalities. It is the largest Jewish matchmaking network worldwide.