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New York, NY – October 5th, 2011

Press Releases » Saw You At Sinai Introduces Age Verification To Ensure A Reliable Online Dating Experience

While many online Jewish dating sites do not focus on accuracy of member profiles, Saw You At Sinai has always considered this particularly important. As a result, Saw You At Sinai has implemented yet another initiative that allows its members to date in a comfortable and reliable environment. The site’s new “Age Verification” process uses US Public records or Member Proof of Identification to certify accurate member ages. Once the member’s age has been certified, a green check symbol is placed next to the member’s age, viewable by potential matches.

Saw You At Sinai has implemented this improvement to tackle the issue faced by online dating sites. While most singles dating online do provide honest and accurate profiles, it is the small group of people that lie about their age that places doubt as to the accuracy of everyone’s ages.

‘The purpose of this initiative is two-fold.” says Marc Goldmann, CEO of Saw You At Sinai. “Firstly to brings comfort to the members knowing that their own age will not be doubted by others, and secondly it puts members at ease knowing that any profile with the new symbol will in fact give that member’s real age.”

Saw You At Sinai has always been known for providing a reliable dating experience, due to having 350 matchmakers (known as shadchanim) phoning their members and reviewing profile information. This new project is just another way that the site is providing its members with an honest dating experience and is the first of its kind in the Jewish online dating world.

‘There’s nothing worse than meeting someone online and then going out to discover they lied about their age’ comments Jewish Dating coach Rabbi Arnie Singer (author of “I commend SawYouAtSinai for doing the obvious, and hope other sites follow their lead.”

The Age Verification initiative was launched on the Saw You At Sinai in September 2011 and has been well received by the 30,000 Jewish singles using the service.

About SawYouAtSinai
SawYouAtSinai was created in December 2003 to satisfy the need for a more private and personalized approach to online Jewish dating. This Rabbinic-endorsed site uniquely combines the power of technology, the accessibility of the internet, and the personal touch of a matchmaker to serve its 30,000 members. SawYouAtSinai has over 350 experienced matchmakers from diverse backgrounds, focusing on its members’ various age ranges, religious levels, locations and personalities. With over 1,300 members successfully matched, SawYouAtSinai continues to benefit Conservative, Modern Orthodox and Yeshivish singles from Jewish communities throughout the world.