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Weinberg said she got into matchmaking because she was concerned about perpetuating Jewish traditions and culture.

"I got started when my mother kicked me out of the house at 22," said Weinberg, a Detroit native. "She was worried I would never find a Jewish husband unless I went to New York."

While in New York, Weinberg learned her craft from legendary matchmaker, or shadchan, Else Benheim. In other cities she's worked in, Weinberg said, it's harder to find guys for matches, but in Pittsburgh, it's harder to find women.

"Girls are definitely in demand here," she said. Weinberg said she looks for people with similar education and upbringing as a starting point for any match.

She coordinates her database of singles through her Web site, and does not accept any money for her services.

"I do it for the mitzvah, the good deed," Weinberg said. "I like helping people get together. Nobody wants to be alone."

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