Marc Goldmann

Marc Goldmann is the CEO and Founder of SawYouAtSinai .

Marc’s entrepreneurial skills were honed at a young age: He began organizing ski trips for friends and family when he was only fourteen and continues to do so regularly today. During his high school years he spent summers as a lifeguard and started selling soda by the pool to thirsty loungers.

Outside of business, Marc enjoys athletics, the outdoors and travel. He raced on the ski team at Columbia University, and inadvertently became a matchmaker when 2 couples met on one of his trips and later got married. He currently is an avid skier during the winter months and frequently goes hiking during the summer. While exploring the outdoors in recent years, Marc gradually became a photographer in his limited free time. You can see the results of this hobby all over the walls of his apartment where numerous landscape photos are prominently displayed. He greatly enjoys traveling and started a travel company a few years ago (which he later sold) in order to venture across the world.

Marc is the oldest of three siblings and has an incredible family who knew when he was young that he would eventually be working for himself.

When people ask how he decided to start SawYouAtSinai , Marc claims he had a "midlife crisis at age 34," while still single, and decided he had to be working on a project that had a clear and distinct impact on the Jewish singles' community. So he left the corporate world where he was a Management Consultant and working on Wall Street for 12 years to create the ultimate online matchmaking network. Marc loves building a company that is clearly affecting many people in a positive way.

Right before he launched SawYouAtSinai, he met Chani. The two were married in October 2004.

Azi Cutter

Azi Cutter serves as Advisor in Advertising and Marketing for SawYouAtSinai and is a Founding Partner of the site.

He maintains an active and integral role in numerous Jewish community causes and in his spare time, he likes to surf both the Internet and the ocean waves!

In addition to his role with SawYouAtSinai , Azi is the CEO and Founder of the AC Lion executive search firm for sales and technology employers and job seekers. It is located in the Fashion District of downtown Manhattan.

For SawYouAtSinai , he oversees general business management and strategic development, helping to continually enhance aspects of the network for the benefit of singles worldwide. Azi is also the Director of the Career Center for the J2J Network, a new initiative to help match Jewish people with jobs and he is on the board of directors at Manhattan Jewish Experience, a program for Jewish professionals that are interested in learning about and connecting to their heritage and the Jewish community.

Jack & Rekha Bhanded

Jack Bhanded is the Lead Programmer for SawYouAtSinai and is involved in all phases of the network from designing to programming. In his own words, he is “very very happy that my hard work is contributing to all of our holy work!”

Jack can be found tirelessly working on the SawYouAtSinai web site and speaking to CEO Marc Goldmann at insane hours of the late night and early morning.

His bio would be incomplete without mention of his “better half,” his wife Rekha, who also works for SawYouAtSinai customer support & designing graphics for the site.

Whatever “free time” Jack & Rekha has is spent with their adorable children Anusha and Swayam. When he is not working (which is rare these days!), Jack goes biking and cycling and never misses a chance to go for a hike. He is an avid reader who enjoys listening to music and relies on yoga to unwind – When you work as hard as Jack does, you need some time to meditate and connect with your inner self!

Danielle (Jacobs) Solomon

Danielle JacobsDanielle is the C.O.O for SawYouAtSinai. She spends her day trying to make the website as beneficial as possible for its members through both online and offline initiatives. She is happy to create additional features to the site, organize events and resolve any member questions (so please be kind!).

Danielle is originally from sunny Manchester, England. Having graduated in Mathematics and Management from the University of Leeds in 2004, she decided (with little hesitation) to defer her accounting contract for a year. She spent six months studying at Shearim College for Jewish Women in Jerusalem, to then move to New York, for the second part of her adventure. Thing is, she found herself volunteering at the SYAS office, and loved it so much that she ended up staying as a permanent member of the Team there for two years. So from the “World of Accounting” to working the ‘World of Shidduchim’ – it’s certainly giving ‘one plus one’ a whole new meaning.

In May 2007 she went on another little adventure to Eretz Yisrael, where she subsequently met her husband. She can now be found running the show from Jerusalem, Israel.

She’s feels lucky to be part of the SYAS team.

Dr. Tova Weinberg

Dr. Tova Weinberg serves as Matchmaker Advisor for SawYouAtSinai availing herself to matchmakers of the network who wish to consult with her on dating or matching matters. She joined our network having previously made 80 successful matches over the years.

Tova is a dentist by trade and is married to Dr. Joel Weinberg, Vice-President of Medical Affairs, Head of the Division of Pulmonary/Critical Care, Director of the Intensive Care Unit and Director of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Tova is also involved with Amit Women and serves as a Chair Woman for the United Jewish Federation. Additionally, she sits on the boards of the Kollel and Congregation Poale Zedeck.

She and her husband live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have five children, a son-in law, and a precious granddaughter.

Lori Salkin

Lori Salkin Lori Salkin is a Matchmaker as well as the voice of SawYouatSinai and its partners on Facebook and Twitter.

Lori is one of the youngest and busiest Matchmakers on SawYouatSinai. Lori conducts on average, 5 weekly in person interviews on the East Coast, and at least another 10 phone interviews with members worldwide. Lori also participates in and leads several community shidduch committees in the Northeast Corridor from Boston to Philadelphia.

In addition to SawYouatSinai, professionally, Lori was elected to public office in Massachusetts in 2009 and has worked for MSNBC in New York City and NBC News’s local affiliate in Boston. Having been approached by several Television Networks about a Jewish Dating Reality TV show, it is Lori’s hope to soon host the first Jewish Reality Dating show. Lori is available for coaching and can be found at

Lori graduated from Boston University in 2004 with a Bachelors of Arts in Music and earned her M.B.A. in Finance and Management from Fordham University in 2008. Lori also studied at the Juilliard School where she earned Dalcroze Masters Certification.

Lori and her husband Leon just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary and are parents to an adorable little girl, Chloe and new born boy Zachary.

Chris Bartlett

Chris Bartlett is the founder responsible for developing the technology behind SawYouAtSinai and serves as the company’s Advisor to Technology Operations.

Having arrived in the United States from England on a six month holiday that has lasted more than a decade, Chris has been providing technology management consulting services to Wall Street firms ever since. His family resides in England, Zimbabwe and South Africa and the only time Chris does the “tourist thing” is when they visit him in New York City. Chris is a technology whiz who built his first PC in 1984 and is still trying to understand the more complicated phenomenon of the American People.

Chris established SawYouAtSinai ’s technology backbone. He is continually enhancing and introducing new ideas for technological aspects of the network, but don’t let that fool you into thinking Chris is content sitting behind a desk: He is a lover of the great outdoors who has enjoyed kayaking since 1984, having competed in White Water and Slalom races, and in 1990, he made a couple of documentaries on the sport including “Mad dogs and Englishmen.”

The brain behind the technology that enables a selective online dating experience, we are grateful to Chris for having extended his “Six Month Holiday” repeatedly.

Sherrie Miller M.A.

Sherrie is the SawYouAtSinai ‘Article of the Week’ writer as well as a dedicated SYAS matchmakerSherrie is the SawYouAtSinai ‘Article of the Week’ writer as well as a dedicated SYAS matchmaker. Trained as an educational guidance counselor, group leader, pre-marital coach, matchmaker and Judaic Studies teacher, Sherrie is dedicated to promoting and enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills in conjunction with Torah values.

Sherrie received her educational counseling degree from the Michlalah in Bayit Vegan and an M.A. in Education and Counseling from Touro College, Jerusalem, Israel. Sherrie also holds a B.A. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Brooklyn College and a B.Sc. from Yeshiva University in Jewish Education. Sherrie is certified by Midreshet Emunah and is accredited by the Rabbanut of Israel, to be a pre-marital couple’s counselor and Kallah teacher.

Choices of the Heart, a preparation and enrichment program for nearly-wed and newly wed couples, run by Sherrie Miller, focuses on teaching communication skills between couples, using Jewish wisdom and Torah sources. The workshops offer tools to build skills and realistic goals that empower young couples with on their way to establish a Jewish home.

Having counseled singles and made a number of successful matches resulting in marriage, Sherrie volunteers as a matchmaker for SawYouAtSinai.

Sherrie has a private practice in Jerusalem and can be contacted via email at or via phone at both 718-874-0677 (USA) and 054-475-5153 (Israel)


Ziva has been a matchmaker, dating coach and spiritual advisor for professional singles in New York City for many years. She gives seminars all over the country and she is well known for her inspiring, standing-room-only seminars and her “no-nonsense” approach to the art of romantic fulfillment.

Her witty, enthusiastic, dynamic, funny, controversial and extremely entertaining delivery tells it like it really is. She makes her audience laugh and cry, leaving them with a newfound clarity. With her sensitive and unique approach she devoted her life to help as many people as she can, becoming one of the most popular leaders on the New York City singles circuit.

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Deborah Grayson Riegel gives Jewish Dating Advice for Jewish Singles and Jewish MatchmakersDeborah Grayson Riegel, MSW, is the Head Coach of, and helps Jewish organizations and individuals achieve personal and professional "Success without the Tsuris" through coaching, training and speaking.

Deborah’s energetic workshops and speaking programs are in high demand with North American Jewish organizations, Fortune 500 companies, national and local government agencies, and small start-ups, and her one-on-one coaching has propelled Jewish professionals across industries and interests to get farther, faster.

Deborah was the Director of Education and Training for the Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence at United Jewish Communities (UJC), where she developed innovative training programs for Federation professionals and lay-leaders, and co-authored an award-winning interactive solicitation training website. Deborah also worked at the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA) as the Director of the only program in North America that trains senior citizens to be lobbyists. In addition, Deborah was a key player in the development of New York’s Makor/Steinhardt Center for young Jewish professionals.

Deborah is on the faculty for both the Wexner Heritage Program and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical school. A popular conference speaker for both the American Society of Training and Development and Training Magazine’s Conference and Expo, Deborah was awarded membership into the National Speakers Association in 2005. She is also a member of the Association of Jewish Community Organization Professionals, the Jewish Communal Service Association, and the International Coach Federation. Deborah is a graduate of Coach U. and is a Certified DiSC® Practitioner.

Deborah’s expertise in developing training and coaching for professionals and lay leaders in the Jewish communal world was highlighted when she authored “Corporate Universities in the Non-Profit Sector”, a chapter in the book The Next Generation of Corporate Universities (Allen, Ed, Wiley 2007).

Deborah earned a B.A. in Psychology at the University of Michigan, and her M.S.W. at Columbia University, supporting her expensive school habit by performing improvisational and stand-up comedy.

She and her husband Michael are the proud parents of twins, Jacob and Sophie, who inspire her to choose naches over tsuris everyday.

For more information, visit or email Deborah at

Simcha Feuerman

Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, CSW co-authors a weekly column in the Jewish Press on religion, relationships and parenting, along with his wife Chaya Feuerman, CSW. The Feuermans also have authored a book, titled "How to Have Fun Without Getting into Trouble: Essays on Relationships, Parenting and the Self" available through Rowman and Littlefield, inc. In addition, Simcha serves as Director of Community Services at Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services. He received training in family therapy from the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Queens, New York, where he provides individual therapy, family therapy and couples counseling.