#1627 Chana Benjamin (Brooklyn, New York)
& Chaim Levine (Brooklyn, New York)

Success Story

By Hashgacha Pratis, we had met Mrs.Yocheved Lerner when she and her husband stayed at our home for a winter Shabbos back in 2015. She was in my neighborhood to speak at a conference with matchmakers. I could tell even then she had a special ability to connect future couples, especially older singles, including those with challenges. As an older single herself until her marriage in her late 40's, her own life story was a prototype for just such a life calling. When through unfortunate circumstances I found myself in a difficult shidduch situation, it made sense to reconnect with Mrs. Lerner. When a shidduch I was working on did not pan out, she immediately went to work to find another match. With Hashem's help, her first and only suggestion resulted in my shidduch. My family and I will always be grateful for Mrs. Lerner's efforts.