#1570 Melissa Soskin (Bayside , New York)
& Jason Feldstein (Long Beach, New York)

Success Story

I would love to share our story. So when we first spoke on the phone, I honestly wasn’t sure. Jason was very quiet, but I am very outgoing and loud. But, my Rebbetzen also tells me go out on the first date, what can it hurt! So I did. The first date he looked so familiar and I couldn’t figure out why. Then his stories sounded familiar as well as I couldn’t place it. I thought, oh no what if it was an ex I don’t remember! After the date I went home and showed the picture to my sister. She started laughing and said that’s our best friend’s cousin. How weird. I have been connected to him since I was five and no one until my matchmaker Sarah thought to match us up. From there it was history. We have been dating ten months and are engaged to be married 6.23.19. I am so thankful for Saw You At Sinai putting us together and helping me find my brashert. From Sarah their matchmaker: Ha!! What a great story!! My husband and I also met on SawYouAtSinai, and we only lived 15 minutes away from each other. Sometimes that extra step is all it takes (and divine intervention of course!). Wishing the two of you only the best, Sarah