#77 Mazel Tov to a couple that wishes to remain anonymous

Success Story

Jennifer was at a friend’s for a party and right before the party was about to begin Jennifer’s phone rang but Jennifer did not answer, thinking it was not a good time to take a call. After the party, Jennifer picked up the message and it was from one of the matchmakers saying that she just met this guy and she thought of Jennifer! The one catch was that the guy was in New York from LA only until Tuesday morning and wondered if Jennifer would please call her back. That night Jennifer and the matchmaker played phone tag back and forth at least five times until they finally got in touch with each other. The next day, Jennifer had a chance to look at Randy’s profile and she saw many things that were appropriate and on target for her. She especially liked the way he described his personality (confident but without an ego), his outlook on life, and his interests. She could not really tell if she’d be attracted to him, but she decided to give it a try anyway because of what Randy had written in his profile. She thought to herself, “It is just one date, why not?” Randy called Jennifer 6:30 that day and they met at Starbucks at 8:30. Randy claims that as soon as Jennifer walked in the door, he knew there was something different and special about her. The date was incredibly comfortable and natural and afterwords, on her way home, Jennifer marveled at how normal the date was, and how she was, for the first time, not second guessing what she said and what he said, and analyzing this and that. She felt that everything had gone smoothly and that was a great feeling for her. The second date was the very next day, and on that date Randy said something to Jennifer that made her think to herself “This one might really be a keeper.” At the end of the second date, Randy put Jennifer in a taxi, gave the driver money and asked the driver to take Jennifer home. Jennifer says that in over 10 years if dating, and plenty of guys, Randy is only the 3rd guy who had ever done that! As Randy was about to close the door to the taxi, he asked Jennifer if he could call her again, and she told him straight out, “yes.” Jennifer was amazed with herself because normally she tells the man to call the matchmaker, but in this case, she told him directly to call her. Even though she had never been that straight with a guy and her behavior was outside her normal range, she did not feel scared or nervous. Instead, she felt comfortable and she knew that this feeling was special and that it said something about their relationship. Randy returned to LA that Tuesday and for the first week or so, the two spoke a few times. Then, Randy and Jennifer began speaking every night for 2-3 hours a night! When Randy came back to New York after one month to see Jennifer again, the couple saw each other twice and just talked for hours and hours while walking around the city, sitting in Central Park or eating dinner. At this point, Jennifer knew she really wanted to hold onto him. The matchmaker was involved every step of the way. Both Randy and Jennifer spoke to her almost every day about their expectations and perspectives, especially since it was a long distance relationship, and the experience was different given the physical distance between them, While Jennifer and Randy were apart in different cities, it was difficult for both of them, and they spoke to each other and text messaged each other constantly. Jennifer made one trip to LA and after that Randy came to NY every second week to see Jennifer. Three and a half months after their first date, Randy proposed to Jennifer in New York. The happy couple is planning an early February wedding. Jennifer has been on the Site since its inception and she says there have been hits and misses with various men until she met Randy. If it was not for the site and for the matchmaker, Jennifer does not see how it would have been possible for Randy and her to have met each other. Congratulations to the happy couple!