#2042 Gila Moskowitz (Hillside, New Jersey)
& Michael Schiff (Brookyn, New York)

Success Story

Thank you so much for the platform and the assistance to help us meet each other!!! The matchmaker kept to our preferences when making this suggestion, although all the matchmakers did encourage to talk to or meet people who did not necessarily fall 100% within the listed specifications. I cannot speak for Gila, but the advice that I found most helpful that I received before even starting the shidduch process was to think of just a small list of 3-4 qualities that were most important and focus on those instead of a long list of "perfect" compatibility (although I feel that Gila is perfectly compatible with me). The other advice I have is to use every date one does go on as a sort of screen to see if what is in your profile or what you had in mind when starting to look for a shidduch is actually what you are looking for. I do not think that Gila and I would have matched based on what I was urged to focus on in my original resume/profile several years ago. I kept tweaking it and broadening the search based on who I was matching with (and not) until shortly before we were BH matched. For some, the shidduch journey is part of their personal journey. Thank you again for everything, it means a lot to us! [Michael]