#538 Female, 21 (Teaneck, New Jersey)
& Male, 22 (Lawrence, New York)

Success Story

1) What was your experience on the site like? It was a great experience, very professional and sensitive to my preferences 2) What were your first impressions of your matchmaker? Awesome, Tova is amazing. She spent many hours not only searching for me but also coaching me to find my bashert. 3) What were your first impressions of your future husband/wife? Love at first sight! I was intrigued by my Kallah and thought that she had a lot of qualities I was looking for in a life partner. 4) Any advice for current single members on the site still looking for their basheret? Daven, Hashem is in charge. Be as open and honest as possible and never stop pushing. Always remember that Hashem loves you and wants your best.