#38 Aliza Kreimer (Passaic, New Jersey)
& Alex Goldman (Passaic, New Jersey)

Success Story

“I recently moved back from Israel and had never dated in America. So I inquired from several friends how the Jewish dating and shidduch process worked in America. I was swiftly referred to SawYouAtSinai’s Jewish matchmaking website and for a minimal fee I signed up and became a member. Soon after signing up Channie Brum, one of the shadchanim (Jewish matchmakers) I had chosen, sent me a profile of a young lady, and I responded that I would be interested in dating her. Little did I know she would soon be my wife. Now the way SYAS works is first the man responds and then the man’s profile is sent to the woman and she has ten day to respond either yes or no. After the ten day period the profile goes into some sort of default and it is as if she responded no. So I sent my response in and waited, day 1, day 2, 3…..10 no reply. So that day I called up shadchan Channie and said “nu! What's going on, her profile seemed so appropriate.” Channie, responded without delay and called Aliza on the phone and asked her why she didn’t reply. Aliza said that she was no longer an active Jewish single on SYAS and never got my profile, but that she was interested in hearing about me. So, shadchan Channie read her my profile... Now I usually point to my wife at this point when people ask how we met… As she describes it “my eyes welled up with tears and I looked over at my best friend and said I was just read my husband”. That same day Channie called me back with Aliza’s phone number. Now I hope the story has been interesting so for, because it is about to get more interesting, I call Aliza and we get to schmoozing, where are you from?, what do you do?, where do you live now? …Passaic, oh yeah, me to. what street? on the corner of High and Ascension, oh yeah, I live on the corner of High and Westervelt, you live right around the block from me… It turns out that she lived around the block and we never met… Stay tuned because there is more, It also turns out that she was roommates with my best friend's wife and that we were in Israel at the same time and even at several simchas together. All it took a website and a shadchan from Queens, who, by the way my wife only met after the simcha, to be vessels in reuniting to halves of the same soul…Isn’t it funny how H-shem works. Thank you H-shem and thank you SawYouAtSinai for helping me find my bashert.”