#295 Deanna Frazin (Har Nof, Jerusalem)
& Eli Casper (Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem)

Success Story

When did they/will they get married? Chicago august 31st Where do they live now? Chicago to plan the wedding Will live in Israel for three years in kiryat moshe What was your impression on the phone? He was really funny and easy to talk to. Id had other first convos where it was really awkward Did you know right away that this was your match? or did the relationship grow to the point that you realized this was the right person? I would say there was definitely potential. I knew from the beginning that it was going to be going soemwhere Tell me about the proposal? I was home for pesach and we went to meet eachothers families. First to Chicago then Miami. The second day in Miami he proposed on the beach at sunset. Aside from SawYouAtSinai, what other ways did you employ to meet people? (How did you go about dating? Use site, use other sites? Blind dates?) Id been to other shadchanim in Israel and Chicago. This was the 3rd person I had actually gone out with from SYAS. What were the biggest challenges that you feel that you went through while dating? We were separated for awhile because he was in America he went home for pesach Did you have any hesitation about using an online dating site? About using a matchmaker? What convinced you to try it? What surprised you the most about the site and the matchmakers? A little bit. But I was a baal teshuva and I don’t have the same connections that other people have for dating. I had heard other stories about other dating websites. I felt more safe with SYAS that there were shadchanim. What would you say to encourage others to try online dating, specifically SawYouAtSinai? Especially for baal teshuvas I think it’s a good outlet to have, or if your in a new city it’s a good way to meet people.