#1982 Maryasha Schild (Spring Valley, New York)
& Menakhem Davidov (Flushing, New York)

סיפור הצלחה

Maryasha: Before we met, I saved his number. I had never done that before unless I needed to save someone's contact info to whatsapp them later on in the relationship. This was the first time I willingly saved someone's contact info after dating for about 7 years. So I definitely had an inkling of something special. When we met I thought we looked alike. I was actually waiting for someone who I thought looked like me because I know married couples often look like each other. This was the first time I met someone I thought looked somewhat like me. When I saw him I thought- yup. I'm probably going to end up with this guy. I'd never thought that about anyone before either. On our first date we went around the mall, and at the time I had been recovering from being very sick and he knew I had been sick. When we went around the mall looking at things we went slowly and talked. It was very low pressure and chill. He really kept me in mind and was careful with me. It made me feel that he was someone who was careful and cares about the people around him and keeps people's thoughts and feelings in mind. I had an inkling of this on our first date and I see that this is a strong trait of his and is something I really admire and love about him. Menakhem: For me, after our 1st phone chat I strongly suspected we would be great for each other; our first date then made me even more certain of that feeling. She had no fakeness to her personality; she was very open with her thoughts and feelings and was/is a genuinely happy girl. What you see is what you get with her. And she didn't get offended or look at me funny when I said politically incorrect things, which is a very big thing for me. The more we went out and the more she saw my character and I saw that she was genuinely accepting of me the more I knew she was the one. I knew we were right for each other and that I wanted to marry this beautiful woman within the first month of dating.