#1565 Yehudis Fromowitz (Airmont, New York) of YUConnects
& Russell Bloch (New York, New York)

Success Story

Some people say they ‘just knew’ from the first moment or that it was ‘love at first sight’. For me, the special connection that Russ and I now share, happened (very) slowly over time. When I first saw his profile, something unexplainable pulled me toward him (more than my usual reaction to a suggestion), but he wasn’t available at the time, so the idea was shelved without too much angst on my end. Meaning, I felt something was right about him, but it wasn’t a very strong feeling. When he was suggested a second time, I again felt that little ‘yes!’ inside, but there were no fireworks or anything, it was just a passing gut feeling. Our first phone call was somewhat awkward but pleasant - nothing out of the ordinary either way. After our first date, during which I didn’t have a bad experience but I didn’t either feel anything positive very strongly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue - but I was advised to give it another shot. So we met again...and again...and again...and, slowly, over time, with each positive interaction building on the previous one, things shifted and changed in my feeling vis a vis Russ. Until we reached what we have today :) I’m trying to figure out if I can identify a specific time when I felt this relationship can be something special, and I’m having a hard time pinpointing an exact moment. Maybe after the 5-6th date there was some level of ‘hmmm, this is different’, but it probably wasn’t until somewhere in the area of the 15-16th date that I truly felt ‘this could be something very special’. There were never any fireworks for me like I expected and thought I had to have. Rather it was a slow coming together, an understanding established between two people, who couldn’t be more different, but who realized over time that they wanted each other to build something amazing together. Sometimes you may not feel that ‘something special’ with the person you’re dating for a while. But with patience, introspection, guidance from those wiser than you and time, those feelings will grow when you’re with the right person. As they say, “what comes easy, won’t last long. What lasts long, won’t come easy.”