#1254 Female, 31 (New York, New York)
& Male, 34 (Milano, ­Italy)

Success Story

Thanks to Sheri for this life-changing match! We are getting married on May 30th and soon, when we print our invitations, we will invite also Sheri to the wedding. Save the date! Aside from SYAS, given my unfortunate geographical location, Jewish dating was not very accessible to me. My yeshiva teacher used to arrange me some dates when I was visiting Jerusalem and the Persian Mashadi marriage committee (basically Persian family or Persian friends) tried to arrange me some dates while I was visiting New York. Obviously with little success. I have not used any other dating website because I appreciate modesty and privacy. The idea of chasing online people with open profiles, or having myself displayed in a virtual showcase to anybody, as in some sort of meat market, has never appealed to me. Thanks to SawYouAtSinai!