#1047 Leah Rothman (Flushing, New York)
& Levi Yitchak Atlas (Brooklyn, New York)

Success Story

We actually had two wonderful matchmakers from your site that were instrumental in setting us up. Last year at the end of August, an amazing matchmaker from your site, Yocheved Lerner set us up initially. She was very involved in our dating and was always very helpful in speaking to me about any concerns I had. However, at the time I didn't feel the shidduch was right. Then in July another shadchan, Angela and Michael Khvilovsky, set us up again and I figured I would give it another try. Angela and Michael Khvilovsky were also very involved and helpful throughout the dating process and Baruch Hashem this time was the right time. I know this shidduch was a bit complicated, but I would like to give credit to both Shadchans, Yocheved Lerner and Angela and Michael Khvilovsky because without both of them this shidduch would never have happened! - Leah