#1041 Danielle Susskind (Toronto, Ontario) of SassonVSimchaConnections
& Shimshon Cook (dallas, Texas)

Success Story

We started talking in early May and both realized that there was something very different going on. With much anticipation we met in Toronto in late May and knew that the chemistry we had on the phone translated to being in person. Our first few days together consisted of being tourists in my city. We did a double decker bus tour of Toronto and drove to Niagara Falls for the day. It just seemed to be effortless and smooth from day one. Throughout our courtship any drama or challenges we experienced was always external to us. In my years of davening for a shiduch I've always said that I wanted it to be simple and clear and it was. We'll be getting married October 26. Thanks SYAS team, Danielle and Shimson