#834 Carla Greer (Boca Raton, Florida)
& James Levine (Lincolnshire, Illinois)

Success Story

Even before our first date I knew Carla was the one just by speaking with her on the phone. I live in Chicago, she lives in Boca Raton. She picked me up at the airport for our first date, got thoroughly lost trying to find a restaurant she had been to dozens of times, and neither of us had much of an appetite. I can't stress the importance however, of developing a good working relationship with your shadchan. It was the key for Carla and I. Shifra Weinberg is just the best. She sent me wonderful matches, and it was no accident. I told her about myself. I spoke with her and wrote her frequently, and always gave her feedback after each date. To her credit, I did not go out with anyone who wasn't interesting and a good possibility, but Carla and I fit, and am so grateful for this blessing. I also think it is important for the networking to continue after one is married. It is an obligation for all of us to help our shadchan bring more souls to the chupah, and I will be sure to bring recommendations to Shifra. Kol Tuv, James Levine