Frequently Asked Questions & Should Have Asked Questions

4-day weekend Aug 29, 30, 31, Sep 1

1.     Is this a “Singles weekend”?

·        It is a relaxed atmosphere, no-pressure weekend.  All attendees will be single, but it is a low pressure environment where the fun activities make it very easy for people to meet each other.

·        In addition, while there are short speed dating-like activities for those that wish to participate and meet people in a quick way, no activities have required participation.

·        At last year’s Camp-Weekend, 6 people that casually met have since married; with many more still dating each other.


2.     What type of people are expected on the weekend?

·        With 300 to 500 people expected at the weekend, there will be enough people of your type for you to have a great time while associating with whomever you’d like to associate with.

·        However, we take great pride in screening all of our applicants, so anyone that has a known track-record of clearly making others uncomfortable and not respecting others wishes when rejected, will probably not be on this weekend.

·        It is an outdoor weekend so most couch potatoes and hermits will probably not be coming.


3.     Religiously, who is your target audience?

·        We are targeting Modern Orthodox Liberal and Conservadox singles for the weekend. The weekend though is open to anyone who feels comfortable in joining us for the amazing weekend and will include many people that are observant and many that are not observant but are respectful to those that are.

·        All food will be 100% kosher to Orthodox standards.  Mashgich received his training at Yeshiva University , Glatt Kosher meat only from Rubashkin and Chicken is OU produced by David Elliot.

·        There will be scheduled Orthodox prayer services / Minyan 3x daily for those that wish to attend with a Mechitza up during Davening (prayer services).

·        There will be classes, given by Rabbi Wolfe from Isralight, an interesting, fun, enjoyable and charismatic, speaker.  Attending lectures are of course optional.


4.     What is the average age and age ranges?

·        Most people are in their 20’s and 30’s with some people 18- 20 and some in their 40’s also attending


5.     Will I feel pressured to be social? 

·        All activities and lectures are optional.

·        Furthermore, there will usually be many different activities going on simultaneously.


6.     Will we be sleeping in old, cramped, lousy bunks and bunk-beds?

·        No!  There are several room options:

o       You can have a room all to yourself.

o       You can share a room with 1 to 3 others (you can pick amount of others and who they are).

o       You can share a large cabin with 10 -12 others (at the base rate); each cabin has approximately 3 bathrooms and 3 showers.


7.     Is the entire 4-day weekend scheduled with programs, or is it a free-for-all, or am I free to choose what I want to participate in?

·        There will be tons of scheduled and unscheduled programs, including but not limited to:

o       Carnival

o       Color-war

o       Campfire

o       Barbecue

o       Art & Crafts

o       Lake activities – such as:

·        Boating

·        Kayaking

·        Water-Skiing

·        Swimming

·        Wide Lake-Front Beach 

o       Day & Night, indoor & outdoor sports activities on numerous high-quality facilities:

·        Volleyball

·        Basketball

·        Tennis

·        Baseball & Softball

·        Hockey

·        Ropes Course

·        Zip-Line

·        Indoor Game-Room

·        Track

·        Mini-Gym/Work-out Room

·        Plus Numerous Other Activities and Events

o       Stimulating Lectures

o       Live Music – Jewish & Non-Jewish


8.     What are my transportation options to and from the weekend?

·        We offer an optional bus add-on. The bus leaves from 96th and Columbus Avenue in Manhattan

·        Of course, you may drive up on your own or with friends


9.     Can I arrive Saturday night, Sunday, or Monday?

·        If you would like to pay for whole weekend and come up for just Sunday or Monday then you are welcome to do so. There are no Sunday or Monday only packages.

·        If you would like to leave on Sunday instead of Monday you of course welcome to do so


10. What if it rains?

·        Unlike a weekend at the Hampton or at the Jersey Shore, Camp Lavi, being an all-Summer long Summer-Camp (with the inherent rain that will occur once or twice a week, for a few hours, on average during the Summer in the Northeast), is very well equipped to handle the need for all kinds of indoor sports and activities, and other facilities for 500+ people.


11. What if it gets cold at night?

·        Many of the scheduled activities and many of the facilities including many of the sports facilities are (also) indoors.

·        You will be sleeping indoors and the cabins’ and rooms’ window and doors close.

        There will be blankets provided for every bed.

        Pack your favorite childhood (or adulthood) “blanky”.

        You may bring a space heater if you think you might be cold at night.

12. What is there to do at night?

·        See above (outdoor lit-up facilities, indoor facilities).


13. Who are the Committee Members?

·        They are a very diverse group of mostly single people, few marrieds, that were on last year’s weekend, or heard about how amazing last year’s and past years weekends were, and want to not only replicate last year’s weekend, but also build on it and make it as much fun, if not more fun than last year.  They are mostly unpaid volunteers giving of their precious time, since they know from past events that this event is THE event not to miss. This event is the one above all-similar others that is the most fun, relaxing, lowest priced, and best valued one that there is.


14.  Is this a for-profit event?

·        Very funny. We’ve priced this event so low that we are relying on donations and a high turnout just to breakeven.  The 3-nights 4-days, of catered food, desserts, sleeping accommodations, vast-quantity and spectacular-quality of the all the facilities is valued much higher than what we are actually charging (before even taking into account, staff, marketing, overhead…).


15.  Will men and women be sharing rooms?

·        While we strongly encourage you to mingle with each other, sleeping accommodations will be separated by gender.


16.  What is the Cancellation Policy?

·        At this point there are no refunds once you sign-up.


17.             What’s not included in the price?

·        Sunscreen

·        Bathing Suit

·        Clothing and footwear for different types of activities

·        Towel

·        Soap

·        Shampoo

·        Hair Dryer Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss…

·        Envelopes and Stamps to write to your mommy

·        Extra Memory Card for your Digital Camera’s (trust us, you will be having a great time and taking a ton of pictures!)

18. Is there internet service at camp?

·        YES! There is internet service at camp!


19. What happens if it rains?

·        The fun still goes on! We do have a rain plan that will still be fun and engaging.


20. What time will Shabbat start at camp?

·        6:30


21. What time does the bus leave camp on Monday?

·        1:00pm


22. Are the cabins air conditioned?

·        Many of the cabins are but at this time of year it gets very cold so space heaters are advisable. You are permitted to bring a space heater.